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Are you Something So Hott? Swallow our verdict...

Like a Jagged Little Pill

Something so Hott
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The Rules
1. Please don't post nude photos of you until you are excepted.

2. Only people that can post stamps are Moderators. The only moderators are

More Moderators will be needed as we grow.

3. Only vote if you are accepted!! Mods will wait 24 hours until votes are counted.

4. If you get denied you may try again only 2 more times then, you are banned.

5. You Must post three or more pictures. Make sure the pictures are of good quality.

6. Use the LJ CUT!!! You may post 1 picture that's not under the cut to introduce the pictures, then put the REST under the cut.

The art of LJ CUT
(lj-cut text="Title of pictures here")
(img src="url of picture")
(img src="")
(/lj cut)

[Note: replace the () with <>. Ask for help if you still need it.]

7. Don't post FAKES!!

8. Do not post links to pictures! Post actual pictures...No one wants to wait forever for your pix to load, or go though a huge photo album seeing 10,000pictures of all your friends, pets, and whatever else just to find out you're ugly in the 1st place and then have to go all the way back just to put a no...It's annoying having to go though alot of links, and then find out you're ugly and wern't worth it anyways!! "If you're lazy about it, it won't make us think too highly of you."

9. If someone is rude to you or harassing you, contact one of the moderators and we will investigate and ban accordingly.

10.Moderators Divine Right
*Moderators are responsible for breaking ties.
*New moderators are chosen by attitude and honest voting.
*Moderators keep the peace.
*All in all moderators do whatever the fuck they want.

11. No promotion of another community with out permission from a Moderator.

12. You will recieve one of these stamps:
title or description

title or description